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Secret Time: I used to be SO disorganized when it came to SEO.

Then I discovered (and spent the last 2 years tweaking) a 4-step SEO process that DESTROYS keyword research in terms of ROI. 👇

Ok, even with that process, I’m still disorganized. Just, less so.

💪 But Brendan, is this process more powerful than keyword research?

Exponentially more powerful. Keyword research will help rank your content to best match what people are searching for. But that's where it ends.

You still have NO idea what to put in your article to get people to take action!

Over time, having a streamlined process for search intent will benefit you tremendously:

  • You will be able to write your articles MUCH faster
  • Your articles will RANK FASTER
  • Your articles with CONVERT BETTER
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